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Katrina Victim Care Package Recipient info.'s Journal
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Thursday, October 20th, 2005
9:08 am
Hi Everyone!

What a wonderful community!

My aunt has a large house and lives all alone, so she recently "adopted" two families from Gulfport, MS who lost their houses due to Hurricane Katrina.  She says they are doing well, and some of the family members have even found jobs and are hoping to move into apartments in a few months.  However, both families have children.  They have lost everything, and the parents are spending what money they do have on necessities like new clothing.  So, we are taking donations so that the parents can afford to buy their children gifts for Christmas.  There are five children total between the ages of 3 1/2 and 15. 

Anything you can give would be appreciated!  If you'd like to help, let me know and I'll send you the paypal information.  Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, October 4th, 2005
11:15 pm
My friend Mistie had their family home and everything in it destroyed,because of Hurricane Rita.So they are in need of a few things.Again if y'all don't want to mail in actual items,Walmart gift cards are always a great idea!Here is her info
Towels (body towels,wash rags,hand towels) color dont matter
Blankets and sheets (queen size) color doesnt matter
Plastic dishes (storage containers,pitchers,bowels,cups etc)

Thats all she could remember.The clothing is being replaced by someone else.And we would never ask anyone to replace our furniture.So this is a good start and any help is awesome!

Mistie McDonald
6649 B Spaulding Ave.
Fort Sill Ok 73503
Friday, September 9th, 2005
3:43 pm
My friend Charlene
My friend Charlene is in need of clothes,she's a Rockabilly chick so I'm sure any retro or rockabilly type clothing would be extra appreciated.
Here is her info.
I'm a size 0-2 in pants and size small or xsmall in tops. I'll only be at this addy for about another 2 weeks, then I'm heading to Baton Rouge.

8385 Tunnel Hill Rd.
Goreville, IL 62939
Thursday, September 8th, 2005
12:12 am
From my friend Anastasia
Want to help out and send someone/a few listed on this LJ Community a care package?Please read HERE first about how to go about it :)

My friends Mom,her two brothers and their dog need things,here is the info.You can send them to my friends PO box and she will get it to her mom/family because they are up there in her area now.

" Right now, and i hate to say it....... i would say she just really needs a wal-mart gift card , they have the general things there ya know, she wears special shoes as well which she lost, but they are expensive, I was gonna try to give her something toward getting a new pair from this custom shoe place in Florida where all her files and foot measurements they have already on record. She has all crunched up toes on her one foot from stress through the years, and has a hard time walking and working w/ normal shoes.....she's a waitress for over 20 years now & oddly enough she is kinda ill w/ beginning stages of lupas and very bad arthitis...so she is always in pain. will be looking for heavy clothing since she is coming back to Pa and fall will be rolling in soon enough. She takes a size med-large more of a med though, she is also looking for a shirts / jacket or winter coat / socks stuff like that.
Here's my P.O. Box addy for her til she gets back and gets an apt.
P.O. Box 772
Scranton, Pa.
18501 "
12:07 am
From my friend Beth
Want to help out and send someone/a few listed on this LJ Community a care package?Please read HERE first about how to go about it :)
My sister and her fiance are in Tennessee. They lost their home and belongings. Their priorites are: any food that can be sent, calling cards, gas money - as they are travelling around trying to get a job anywhere they can find one. But really, ANYTHING that can be sent would help them so much since they lost everything but the skin on their back. For clothes their sizes are men's clothing in large and probably women's clothing in large or extra large.

Their mailing address is:
Chris Black
461 Crook Avenue
Henderson, TN
12:04 am
Care Package Recipient info
Please read this:
This is where I will be posting all the info for either my friends of family of my friends that need things because of losing things/everything in the Hurricane.
Here is the deal I will post the names here on this commuinity,and also post around updates ect as new names and info on what they need are added.
Here is what I want people to do.After you have decided who you are going to send stuff too.Post a message,you may do so anaomously if you want to keep your identity a secret,and I have it set up to where you don't have to have a LJ to post a reply on here.If you don't have a LJ and wish to give your contact info just post your e-mail in the subject or message.
Anyhoo post a reply to this message of who you will send stuff to,and just in genral what kind of thinks you are sending.I'm doing this to try and prvent say one person geting say just toothbrushes from 15 people,ect.That way people will know what other plan on sending them,so that way they can pick something else in their list to send.
I'm going to try and post not only the addy's of what people need but what they need,and info they/their families have sent ect.So please read the comments/repiles to each post before you make a list of what you want to send out get for them/to makes sure somebody hasn't allready done it.
And thanks to you ALL for your help!
Ugly Shyla
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